Manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane 1812-75GPD

HIDTM as a manufacturer of home ro membrane ranks the best brands in China among the RO membrane industry. It has won the trust of thousands of families for feeding the reliable purified water over 10 years. Each membrane is made of HID developed & pre-examined sheet and goes through stringent making processes as well as in-house quality inspection & testing before delivery. HID Membrane has been certified by SGS & China Jiangsu Sanitation Bureau wrt drinking water membrane elements.

Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is raw water enters the membrane shell, is the sealing ring through the membrane barrier, the end, through the membrane under the action of pressure, water flow through the network through the guide to collecting pipe, the water pipe is set after the collection of water outflow from the port, wastewater flowing out from the raw water diversion network.

HID ro membrane

Model TFC-1810-50 TFC-1810-75 TFC-1810-100  TFC-2012-125  TFC-2012-150 TFC-2012- 200
TFC-1812-50  TFC-1812-75 TFC-2012-100
Perfor-mance Stable Desalination % 97 97 97 97 97 97
Min. Desalination % 96 96 96 96 96 96
Mean Permeable Flow GPD (L/d) 50 (204) 75 (281) 100 (380) 125 (478) 150 (567.75) 200(760)
Active Film Area ft2(m2) 3.5 (0.32) 4.2 (0.38) 5.0 (0.46) 5.0 (0.50) 6.0 (0.8) 10.33 (0.96)
Test Conditions Pressure 65psi (0.45Mpa)
Water Temp. 25℃
Concentration(NaCl) 500ppm
Water PH 6.5 to 7.5
Recovery Rate % 15
Operating Conditions Max. Operating Pressure 200psi (2.0Mpa)
Max. Feed Water Temp. 45℃
Max. Feed Water Silt Density Index (SDI) 5
Feed Water Chlorine Tolerance < 0.1 mg/l
Feed Water PH Range, Continuous Operation 3 to 10
Feed Water PH Range, Short-Term Cleaning 2 to 11
Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane 10psi (0.07Mpa)

NOTE: The produced water amount listed in the table is an average value, compared with the standard value, the difference of the minimum amount of water produced by a single membrane does not exceed ± 15%.

Model No. Maximum 
Operating Temperature
Operating  Pressure
Feed Water PH Range,
 continuous operation
Maximum Feed
Water Turbidity
Feed Water SDI
TFC-1812-50 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
TFC-1812-75 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
TFC-2012-100 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
TFC-2012-125 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
TFC-2012-150 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
TFC-2012-200 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm

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